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Christ Church Has a New Mission Opportunity

Several months ago, our Vestry began to consider entering into a "hands-on" mission opportunity in our nearby community. Donna Hryb took on a search to find a feeding program that would work for our parish and meet a vital need for God’s people who are hungry. "Working for us," meant that it needed to be an opportunity (1) that could involve differing ages and time schedules of Christ Church parishioners (2) that would be possible with the facilities that we have, and (3) that would be feasible with the size of our parish and the number of people available to help.

In June, Donna presented us with some options. We chose St. Vincent de Paul in Middletown as our next Mission site because it fit with what we were looking for. St. Vin-cent’s addresses the needs of the poor and the homeless in the local area. For more information, see

Our outreach is quite simple, but large in impact. There are two aspects to what we do. On the fourth Monday of the month, five parishioners volunteer to go to St. Vincent de-Paul at 11:30 a.m. to serve their main meal of the day. This takes 2 hours. On the day before, after our church service, a team of parishioners makes 300 sandwiches to take with us on Monday, which will be distributed (2 in a bag) to all who come for the meal. These sandwiches are meant to be eaten later in the day, but often are eaten immediately.

We have done this in July and August and we are committed to St. Vincent’s through the end of the calendar year. At that time we will consider whether to continue this mission opportunity.

Here are ways to get involved in this mission:

 Be part of the team making sandwiches on Sunday. This takes an hour or less. All skill levels are welcome! (Parents, you can do this with your children.) The more the merrier!

 Serve the meal on our designated Monday with 4 other fellow parishioners. This takes about 2 hours.

 Help us find a discount on sandwich supplies. We are currently using Sam’s Club and do not pay tax, but the cost is nevertheless significant. (Betty Fuqua is applying for their donation program, but this takes up to 3 months to happen).

 Donate funds or sandwich making supplies to our sandwich mission.

We are excited about this opportunity and we hope that you will consider giving it a try.

Thank you!

Betty Fuqua













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